This is a tentative course schedule of readings. Topics and readings are subject to change so make sure you check this page frequently to stay updated.

KOG: Kaleidoscope of Gender
SOG: Sociology of Gender

Week 1: Course introduction
Readings: SOG Introduction

Week 2: Introduction to sex and gender
Readings: KOG: 1 (Risman), 2 (Lucal), 3 (Preves), 4 (Sapolsky)
View: Barbie & Ken & American Girl doll pictures []
Listen to: – NPR’s American Icon show on Barbie

Week 3: Learning and doing gender
Readings: SOG 3
Pascoe: Becoming Mr. Cougar (website)
KOG: 19 (Gilbert)
View: Jane Austen Fight Club []

Week 4: Gender and intersections
Readings: KOG: 7 (Collins), 8 (Pyke and Johnson), 9 (McCall)
View: black womyn: leah []
Response Paper 1 Due: 02/08/2013 [Lars and the Real Girl]

Week 5: Gender and culture
Readings: SOG 2
KOG: 17 (Baker-Sperry and Grauerholz), 20 (Ezzell), 21 (Nelson), 22 (Nakano Glenn), 24 (Kim and Chung)
View: Collection of Twilight parodies and spoofs [], Ladies, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You You’re Not Awesome by Sarah Rees Brennan []

Week 6: Gender and (other) culture
Readings: KOG: 10 (Helliwell), 11 (Newland), 13 (George), 14 (Lepowsky)
Read: Yes, This Woman is a “Mail-Order Bride” []

Week 7: Gender and the body
Readings: KOG: 26 (Mernissi), 27 Sasson-Levy), 30 (Lois)
Watch: Killing Us Softly 4 (in-class, 03/02 – presentations will be completed on Wednesday)
View: Onslaught/Beauty Pressure [],
Response Paper 2 Due: 03/01/2013 [Lizzie Bennet Diaries]

Week 8 : Gender and sexuality
Midterm exam due: 03/09/2012
Readings: KOG: 12 (Collins), 23 Calasanti and King), 28 (Trautner), 29 (Gavey, McPhillips, and Doherty), 40 (Dunne)
Read: More women than men being dismissed from the military for being gay []
View: Classic Disney Movies []
View: The 10 Most Important Things They Didn’t Teach You in School []


Week 10: Gender and family
Readings: SOG 4
KOG: 16 (Kane), 25 (Firminger), 37 (Tichenor), 38 (Hill), 39 (Coltrane, Parke, and Adams), 41 (Shows and Gerstel)
Read: Raising Katie []
Response Paper 3 Due: 03/22/2013 [Will Grayson, Will Grayson]

Week 11 (Class possibly cancelled on 03/30): Gender and education
Readings: SOG 5
KOG: 15 (MCGuffey and Rich), 18 (Carter)
View: SIUC’s gender stats (students: / faculty and staff:

Week 12: Gender and work
Readings: SOG 6
KOG: 31 (Acker), 32 (Roth), 33 (England), 34 (McKay), 35 (Moore), 36 (Gerson)
Read: A Labor Market Punishing to Mothers []

Week 13: Gender and technology
Browse: Feministing.comAngry Black WomanJezebelExposing Feminism
Read: 9 things real female gamers hate about gaming
Read: Women and Children Last: The Discursive Construction of Weblogs[]
Listen: Why Do Girl Gamers Get So Little Respect?

Week 14: Gender and politics
Readings: SOG 7
Response Paper 4 Due: 04/19/2013 [Y: the Last Man: Unmanned]

Week 15: Gender and boundaries
Readings: KOG: 42 (Armstrong, Hamilton, and Sweeney), 43 (Messner and Bozada-Deas), 44 (Anderson and Umberson), 45 (Quinn)

Week 16: Undoing gender
Final exam due: 05/03/2013
Readings: SOG 8
KOG: 46 (Desai), 47 (Smith), 48 (Connell), 49 (Johnson)


1 thought on “Readings”

  1. Sonya Willis said:

    Doing gender is about how you act, react and are perceived. All of these scenarios are an excellent representation of that. As mentioned in class gender is decided in the womb. It is interesting to see when looked at from a sociological perspective, how gender is truly perceived. Men are decidedly to behave one way and women the other over time those bridges have been crossed as we see in fight club and gaps narrowed as witnessed in the reading becoming Mr. Cougar.
    The text reading further expands on gender and socialization, bringing to light the idea that gender can be somehow altered if you are perceived by society differently or likewise if you are treated differently not as a reaction to your particular behaviors but in converse first as an action as then you could be expected to behave in response to that action of being treated in a different gender role, as in the story of Elizabeth Gilbert where because she was mistaken for a man, she fell comfortably into behaving as a man, even to include changing her outside appearance of wardrobe, picking a new name and to the extreme of wearing a beard.

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